Please remember:
1) Do not screenshot your proofs - I hate putting watermarks on pictures and would hate to have to start doing that.
2) These are ONLY proofs, to see what the finished photos will be like please look at the SAMPLES folder - so if your picture is over or under exposed, please do not worry, it will be adjusted..:)
000 - Atmosphere Candids000 - Sample Finished Photos000 - Standing Award Photos001 - Hunter Classes002 - Dressage210 - HA Sport Horse Geldings Hunter Type ATH211 - Arabian Sport Horse Geldings Hunter Type ATH213 - Arabian Sport Horse Mares ATH214 - HA Sport Horse Mares Hunter Type ATH215 - Arabian Sport Horse Geldings Hunter Type216 - HA Sport horse Geldings Hunter Type217 - Arabian Sport Horse Stallions Hunter Type218 - Arabian Sport Horse Mares Hunter Type219 - HA Sport Horse Mare Hunter Type220 - Arabian Sport Horse Stallion Hunter Type AATH221 - HA Sport Horse Under Saddle Dressage Type ATR222 - Arabian Sport Horse  Dressage Type ATR223 - HA Sport Horse Under Saddle Dressage Type224 - Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle Dressage Type225 - HA Sport Horse Under Saddle  Junior Horse227 - HA Sport Horse Show Hack231 - HA Sport Horse Geldings Dressage Type ATH232 - Arabian Sport Horse Gelding Dressage Type ATH233 - Arabian Sport Horse Stallion Dressage Type AATH234 - HA Sport Horse Mares Dressage Type ATH235 - Arabian Sport Horse Mares Dressage Type ATH237 - HA  Sport Horse Geldings Dressage Type238 - Arabian Sport Horse Dressage Type239 - HA Sport Horse Mares Dressage Type240 - Arabian Sport Horse Mares Dressage Type241 - Arabian Sport Horse Stallions Dressage Type242 - HA Sport Horse Under Saddle AOTR243 - Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle AOTR244 - HA Sport Horse Hunter Type Under Saddle245-Arabian Sport Horse Hunter Type Under Saddle246 - HA Sport Horse Hunter Type ATR247 - Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle Hunter Type ATR248 - Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle Junior Horse249 - HA Sport Horse Show Hack ATR250 - Arabian Sport Horse Show Hack ATR251 - Select Stallion Sport Horse ATR Futurity259 - Arabian English Trail261 - Arabian Western Trail262 - HA Western Trail263 - Arabian Western Trail Horse AAOTR264 - HA Western Trail AAOTR268 - Arabian Reining Horse AAOTR277 - HA Western Pl Open Geldings278 - Arabian Gelding In Hand279 - Arabian Stallion Breeding AATH280 - Showmanship AATH281 - HA English Pleasure282 - Arabian Country English Pleasure Choice/Elite ATR283 - HA English Show Hack285 - Arabian Western Pleasure JOTR 18 and Under287 - Western Pleasure ATR Select288 - Arabian Hunter Pleasure Choice/Elite ATR289 - Country English Pleasure  Choice/Elite ATR290 - Walk/Jog Western Pleasure 10 Years and Under291 - HA English Pleasure JOTR292 - Arabian Hunter Pleasure JTR 13 years and Under293 - Select Stallion Arabian Western Pleasure ATR Futurity294 - Arabian English Show Hack ATR299 - Arabian 2 Year Old Gelding300 - Arabian 2 Year Old Filly Breeding301 - Arabian Yearling Fillies302 - Arabian English Pleasure AAOTR303 - HA Western Pleasure JTR304 - HA Country English Pleasure ATR Select305 - Hunter Seat Equitation Not to Jump JTR 14-18307 - Arabian Country English Pleasure308 - Arabian Western Pleasure Choice/Elite ATR309 - Arabian Hunter Pleasure Geldings310 - HA English Pleasure AAOTR311 - HA Gelding In Hand AOTH312 - Arabian Gelding In Hand AOTH313 - Arabian Mare Breeding AOTH314 - Showmanship JTH 13 & Under318 - Arabian Western Pl Geldings319 - HA Hunter Pl Choice/Elite ATR321 - HA Western Pl JOTR322 - Arabian Ladies Side Saddle Eng/West324 - Arabian Hunter Pl JOTR325 - Select Stallion HA Western Pl ATR Futurity327 - Arabian Reining Horse Open332 - Showmanship JTH 14-18333 - HA Western Pl Choice/Elite ATR334 - Walk/Trot Hunter/Saddle Seat Eq 10&under335 - Arabian Westen Pl JTR 14-18336 - HA Hunter Pl Select ATR338 - Arabian English Pl ATR339 - HA Country English Pl Junior Horse341 - HA Ladies Side Saddle Eng/West ATR343 - Saddle Seat Eq JTR345 - Hunter Seat Eq NTJ AATR348 - Arabian Yearling Filly349 - Arabian Mare 2&over350 - Arabian Western Pl AAOTR351 - HA Hunter Pl JOTR352 - HA Mounted Native Costume ATR353 - Arabian Hunter Pl JTR354 - HA Western Pl Open355 - Arabian Hunter Pl AAOTR356 - Arabian Country Eng Pl JTR357 - HA Country Eng Pl AAOTR358 - HA Western Pl Jackpot359 - Arabian Eng Pl Open360 - HA Hunter P Open361 - HA Gelding In Hand 2&Over363 - Arabian Hunter Pl Jackpot364 - Walk/Jog West Seat Eq 10&under365 - HA Country Eng Pl JTR366 - HA West Pl Junior Horse367 - Arabian Hunter Pl Select AATR368 - Saddle Seat Eq AATR369 - HA Ladies Side Saddle Eng/West371 - HA Hunter Pl Geldings372 - Arabian West Pl Select ATR373 - Arabian Eng Show Hack374 - Hunter Seat Eq NTJ JTR 13&under375 - Arabian Country Eng Pl AAOTR376 - Select Stallion Arabian Hunter Pl ATR Futurity377 - Arabian Mounted Native Costume379 - HA Mare Breeding  2&over AOTH380 - Arabian Gelding In Hand 2yrs & over ATH381 - Arabian Country Eng Pl JOTR382 - Arabian Hunter Pl Open383 - HA Eng Show hack ATR385 - Western Horsemanship AATR387 - Arabian West Pl Junior Horse388 - HA Hunter Pl AAOTR389 - Arabian Ladies Side Saddle Eng/West ATR390 - HA Country Eng Pl Jackpot391 - Walk/Trot Hunter/Country/Eng Pl 10&under392 - HA Mounted Native Costume393 - HA Hunter Pl Junior Horse394 - Arabian Park Horse Open395 - Arabian Stallion Breeding 2&over396 - Arabian Yearling Colt/Gelding397 - Arabian Stallion Breeding 2yr old colt398 - HA Eng Pl ATR399 - Arabian Country Eng Pl Select ATR400 - HA Hunter Pl JTR 14-18401 - HA Hunter Pl JTR 13&under402 - Arabian Western Pl Jackpot403 - HA Western Pl AAOTR404 - Arabian Hunter Pl Junior Horse405 - HA Country Eng Pl406 - Arabian Mounted Native Costume ATR407 - Arabian Western Pl Open415 - Arabian Ranch Horse Riding Open416 - HA Ranch Horse Riding417 - Arabian Ranch Horse Riding ATR418 - HA Ranch Horse Riding ATR600 - Leadline 2-7yrs