101 - Arabian Yearling Colt/Gelding102 - Arabian Stallion Breeding 2 & over104 - Arabin Stallion Breeding 2 & over AATH106 - HA Gelding In Hand 2 & over109 - Arabian Gelding In Hand 2 & over111 - Arabian Gelding In Hand 2 & over AATH113 - Arabian Mare Breeding 2 & over115 - Arabian Mare Breeding 2 & over AATH126 - Morgan In-Hand Suitable to be a Western Horse130 - All Breed Youth Showmanship 14-18yrs132 - All Breeds Youth Showmanship 13yrs & under133 - Youth Showmanship JTR 18yrs & under134 - Morgan Hunter Pl Amateur Rider135 - HA Western Pl AAOTR 19 & over136 - All Breeds Hunter Seat NTJ Eq 14-18137 - Arabian Western Pl Limit Horse139 - Morgan Classic Pl Saddle Junior Rider140 - HA Hunter Pl JOTR141 - Arabian Hunter Pl Select ATR142 - American Saddlebred Eng 3-Gaited Country Pl Junior Rider145 - American Saddlebred Park Pl Junior/Novice Horse146 - Arabian Park Horse Open148 - Arabian Reining Open149B - Arabian Reining ATR150 - All Breeds Walk/Trot Eq 11 & under153 - Arabian Eng Show Hack Open155 - HA Hunter Pl Select ATR157 - Arabian West Pl JTR158 - American Saddlebred Eng 3 Gaited Show Pl Junior Rider161 - A/HA Saddle Seat Eq AATR 19& over162 - HA Hunter Pl Junior Horse163 - Morgan West Pl Open164 - American Saddlebred Park Pl Open166 - A/HA Pleasure Walk/Trot 10&under167 - American Saddlebred 5-Gaited Junior/Novice Horse168 - HA Native Costume169 - Arabian Hunter Pl Open170 - HA Native Costume ATR172 - A/HA Hunter Seat Eq NTJ JTR173 - A/HA Hunter Seat Eq NTJ 19 & over174 - All Breed West Pl Horse Stake Junior/Novice Horse175 - Arabian Country Eng Pl Junior Horse179 - Arabian West Pl AAOTR180A - Arabian Country Eng Pl ATR182 - Morgan Hunter Pl Ladies184 - Arabian Hunter Pl AAOTR186 - American Saddlebred Eng 3-Gaited Show Pl Senior Rider187 - Arabian West Pl Open189 - HA Eng Pl AAOTR190 - HA West Pl Open191 - American Saddlebred Park Open192 - All Breed Pl Driving Open196 - Arabian Hunter Pl JOTR197 - All Breed Saddle Seat Eq Stake 18&under198 - HA Hunter Pl AAOTR201 - HA Country Eng Pl Open202 - Morgan Eng Pl Open203 - All Breed Hunter Pl Stake Open204 - American Saddlebred 5-Gaited Open205 - Morgan Western Amateur Master207 - HA Hunter Pl AATR214 - All Breed Pl Walk/Trot Hunter or Saddle Seat Attire215 - AHA Saddle Seat Eq Medal JTR216 - Arabian Hunter Pl ATR217 - All Breed Hunter Seat Eq NTJ 13&under219 - Arabian Country Eng Pl Open220 - HA Hunter Pl Open221 - All Breed Saddle Seat Eq 13&under222 - HA Western Pl Limit Horse225 - Arabian West Pl Select ATR226 - HA Country Eng Pl Junior Horse227 - Arabian West Pl JOTR228 - All Breed Saddle Seat Eq229 - HA Hunter Pl JTR230 - Morgan West Pl Amateur Rider231 - American Saddlebred 3-Gaited Eng Country Pl Novice Rider233 - All Breed Lead Line 7&under234 - Arabian Hunter Pl - Ladies to Ride235 - HA Ranch Horse Riding Open237 - HA Ranch Horse Riding ATR237A - Arabian Ranch Horse Riding Open238 - All Breed Walk/Trot Pl West241 - Arabian West Pl AATR244 - American Saddlebred Eng 3-Gaited Show Pl Junior/Novice Horse246 - HA West Pl Select ATR248 - Arabian Country Eng Pl JTR249 - American Saddlebred 3-Gaited Eng Country Pl Open250 - Morgan Eng Pl Junior Rider251 - Arabian West Pl Junior Horse252 - HA Country Eng Pl AAOTR253 - Morgan Hunter Pl Open254 - A/HA Eq Walk/Trot255 - All Breed West Pl Stake Open256 - Arabian Eng Show Hack AOTR259 - All Breed Eng Pl Stake Open260 - HA West Pl Junior Horse261 - Arabian Hunter Pl JTR262 - HA Ladies Side Saddle264 - American Saddlebred 5-Gaited Limit Horse265 - American Saddlebred Park Amateur Rider267 - All Breeds Hunter Pl Stake Junior/Novice Horse268 - HA Country Eng Pl ATR Select269 - Morgan Classic Pl Saddle Open270 - Arabian Ladies Side Saddle270A - Equine Canada All Breeds Sport Saddle Seat Eq Medal271 - American Saddlebred 3-Gaited Eng Show Pl Open273 - HA Eng Show Hack Open274 - Arabian Hunter Pl AATR276 - Morgan West Pl Ladies277 - HA West Pl AATR280 - All Breeds Hunter Pl Stake Amateur Rider281 - American Saddlebred 5-Gaited Amateur Rider282 - Dressage Training Level Open283 - Dressage First Level ATR284 - Dressage Second Level286 - Dressage First Level Open287 - Dressage Training Level ATR289 - Dressage Second Level ATR291 - Dressage First Level ATR292 - Dressage Western Basic Level293 - Dressage Seat Eq JTR294 - Dressage Seat Eq AATR295A - Dressage Training Level Junior Horse301 - Arabian Sport Horse Mares In Hand302 - Arabian Sport Horse Mares In Hand ATH303 - Arabian Sport Horse Geldings In Hand304 - Arabian Sport Horse Geldings ATH305 - Arabian Sport Horse Stallions306 - Arabian Sport Horse Stallions ATH307 - HA Sport Horse Mares308 - HA Sport Horse Mares ATH309 - HA Sport Horse Geldings310 - HA Sport Horse Geldings ATH316 - HA Sport Horse Under Saddle AOTR317 - Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle Limit Horse317A - HA Sport Horse Under Saddle Junior Horse318 - HA Sport Horse Under Saddle Limit Horse319 - HA Sport Horse Show Hack320 - Arabian Sport Horse Show Hack329 - All Breed Trail Horse Limit Rider331 - Arabian West Trail Limit Horse332 - HA West Trail Limit Horse334 - Arabian West Trail Horse ATR335 - HA West Trail Horse ATR337 - Arabian West Trail Horse Open338 - HA West Trail Horse Open600 - Warm-up jumping601 - Arabian Working Hunter Over Fences 2ft604 - A/HA Modified Working Hunter AOTR605 - Hunter Seat Eq Over Fences JTR 2'6"-2'9"606 - Hunter Seat Eq Over Fences AATR609 - AHA Hunter Seat Medal Over Fences JTR610 - Arabian Working Hunter ATR 2'6"-2'9"611 - HA Working Hunter ATR 2'6" - 2'9"612 - Arabian Handy Hunter ATR 2'6" - 2'9"613 - HA Handy Hunter ATR 2'6" - 2'9"615 - HA Working Hunter Open 3' -3'3"618 - Arabian Hunter Hack Open 2'619 - HA Hunter Hack Open 2ft